4 ways to use screen recordings for client web design communications

When it comes to client communications, the best way is not always just a phone call or an email. Sometimes, you may need to use a visual presentation in order for your clients to fully understand what you want them to do.

For example, if you're designing a website and want your client’s input on how they would like something designed, screen recordings can help show everything in detail without having to go through long explanations.

In this blog post, we'll discuss four ways to use screen recordings for client conferences.

1. Embed Them in Emails

Use an embedded screen recording as a way to supplement the body text of an email. This can be either done by creating your own video or taking a screenshot and adding it to the body text.

The benefit is that clients will not only have something they can read, but they'll also be able to watch what you're telling them at their leisure without having to try and click through multiple screens of information.

If there are any graphics in the screenshots, make sure that no part of those files is shown on the client's computer when viewing these emails so that confidential company assets stay private.

2. Use Subtitles

If you're worried that your client – or even yourself – might have trouble following the conversation in a screen recording due to audio problems, adding subtitles can be beneficial.

This is useful for those who are hearing impaired as well as those who may not speak English very fluently.

Subtitles take up less space than an entire video file and allow viewers to go back if they missed something without having to start over from the beginning of the video.

Alternatively, you could just use captions instead, which would only show what's being said rather than all words on the screen in case there's text mixed with audible speech.

Captions also don't take up any additional room (whereas subtitles do), so they'll save more storage space on your computer.

3. Keep Your Recordings Succinct

If there are too many elements to show in your screen recording, it can be difficult for clients to follow along. It may not even work well with those who are hearing impaired, as they will have trouble keeping up with the subtitles or captions if they're having a hard time following what is going on.

This problem can be fixed by editing down the video and removing anything that does not need to be shown so that the client has an easier time understanding everything you want them to know.

4. Use Arrows or Other Graphics

If your screen recording shows a complex screen, using arrows or other graphics in the video will help show what you're talking about.

For example, if you are showing a website mockup that has multiple pages and want to point out something specific, placing an arrow over it can make this much easier for clients to follow along with.

The Bottom Line:

Screen recordings definitely help to explain concepts to clients, at least much better than text. However, if you're managing multiple clients, it can still be time-consuming to record numerous videos.

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January 27, 2023
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