3 ways to Create Visuals That Convert

Have you ever found yourself hesitant to click the buy button even with all the items in your cart? If so, you're not alone. Thousands of online customers run into the same situation, and this is a problem that many companies fail to find a fix for. After all, no matter how many items are left sitting in the cart, no money will be made if the customer does not check out.

What’s the main culprit behind abandoned carts? More often than not, it has something to do with visuals. In other words, if this is the type of problem your online business is facing, you’ll need to revamp your visuals to create a website – and a shopping cart – that converts!

1. Try Out Video

Many companies that have given product videos a try have seen a big jump in their conversion rates. This is because internet speeds have improved significantly and videos now load a lot faster, making video the go-to source of information for many individuals. By offering well-placed videos on your hot pages, you’re able to entice people to visit your website and check what you have to offer. This leads to people staying longer, adding more to the cart, and ultimately buying the items.

2. Offer How-Tos

People surf the web to look for how-tos and other educational content to help them learn more about a product or maximize its use. This is why things like How-To guides work incredibly well. It doesn't necessarily have to be video, but as long as that piece of content offers some form of product tour, buyers can get the knowledge-driven confidence to purchase a new product. 

Keep in mind that these types of content can come in different styles, from infographics to presentations. No matter what format you choose, as long as the content shares information about the product, you're going in the right direction.

3. Capitalize on Pinterest

If your audience is primarily women, you should be capitalizing on Pinterest. Not only is the platform quite popular among women, but it also gives you a lot of versatility in terms of showing off your products or services. In fact, what you're selling doesn't even have to be an actual product. It could even be something as simple as a recipe that's linked back to your website where people can quickly "add-to-cart" the ingredients and check out!


There are many other ways to improve your website to enhance its aesthetics and functionality. If you find that your site visitors are filling up their carts and abandoning them, try out the tips we've shared. Everything from implementing Pinterest down to sharing infographics can help motivate your audience to click the "buy now" button, converting them into customers and allowing you to enjoy more revenue. 

Of course, if you are having trouble doing any of this (or if you just don’t have the time), we recommend that you reach out to digital agencies with expertise on the matter. Companies that offer branding services and the like can help visually improve your efforts to sell significantly, allowing you to enjoy a large customer base that's more than happy to come back to you.

January 27, 2023
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