What to Do When Your Social Media Following Becomes Stagnant

The world of social media may sometimes be a roller coaster of trends that come and go. After handling your company’s social media pages for some time, you may notice the number of followers dip and seemingly hit a wall. While it helps to hear that this is perfectly normal, any good marketer will naturally want to get out of this slump and get the ball rolling once again. 

It sounds simple enough on paper, but it’s easier said than done to reignite the flame of a stagnant social media marketing campaign. If you are determined to re-engage your audience and followers, this blog post will give you effective strategies to help you win them back.

What to Do When Your Social Media Following Becomes Stagnant

While your social media initiatives may only be a part of your marketing effort as a whole, it’s still important to be able to keep your audience engaged on these platforms. Remember that each marketing tactic has a goal, and the goal for social media engagement is to make your brand more relatable to your audience, ultimately enticing them to do business with you. Losing this engagement may have dire consequences if left unresolved. 

Here is a list of easy hacks to get your social media presence back on track!

1 - Be Consistent

While it may seem like a tedious process, this hack is one that pays off. One reason your audience may be disengaged could be because your followers were not seeing enough content. Posting on a consistent basis will help get your social media pages back up and running again.

2 - Humanize Your Brand

Another reason why your audience may have stopped following your page is that they notice that there has been an abundance of generic posts. Humanize your brand and post up-to-date, relevant content! This will help your followers remember that your page is not run by a robot. 

3 - Ask Questions and Use Polls!

One way to bring back the engagement of your followers is to go straight to the source. Struggling to figure out why your audience is diminishing? Ask them directly by posting questions and using polls to gain insight from your audience. This will not only help reengage your followers but will also help you gather valuable information that you can use in your marketing efforts. 

4 - Run Ads Campaigns

If you currently have low engagement statistics, it may mean that your audience is not interested in the content that you post. Running a paid ads campaign will help revamp your existing advertising efforts and engage your customers more. 

5 - Refrain from Going on Auto-Pilot

Refrain from posting auto-pilot content that can get lost in the other million posts that are just like it! Instead, concentrate on generating personalized, thoughtful, and relevant content that will appeal to your followers. 


A stagnant social media campaign can happen to even the strongest of brands. If you find yourself in this position, the five hacks above will help you reinvent your social media campaign and get your engagement with your followers back on track. 

January 27, 2023
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